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Snoop Dogg Micro G Pen Blister Pack Clone


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Getting Started
Ensure the following components are included:
1 x Rechargeable G Battery
1 x G pen Wax/Herbal Tank
1 x G pen wired USB Charger
1 x Tool
1 x G Brush

Turning On/Off
The G Pen Wax/Herbal Vaporizer is engineered with a lock-ing mechanism to prevent accidental or inabvertent usage. To lock/unlock, press the button 5 times

Loading: Each G pen Wax/Herbal Vaporizer is comprised of a G pen Wax/Herbal tank and G Battery. While the vaporizer is Off/Locked, unscrew the mouthpiece to expose the heating element. Load desired amount of preferred Wax/Herbal materials, and reattach tip.

Charging: Prior to use it is advised that the G Battery is charged fully. Connect the wired USB charger to the thread-ing of the G Battery. Connect the other end into any compatable USB port. Once connected, the G en wired USB illuminates red indicating a successful charge is in process. Charging is complete when the red light on the G pen Wired USB illuminates green. Please allow 3-4 hours of charging time for the initial 3 charging cycles


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