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Supreme E-Cig Cartomizers Tobacco 24mg

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Supreme E-Cig Cartomizers Tobacco 24mg

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The Supreme E-Cig cartomizers include the flavors from the most popular e-cigs. With different degrees of nicotine, it’s sure to satisfy your needs and cravings. These flavors conveniently come on a card with 6 cartomizers.  All combined, the 6 cartomizers are equivalent to 12 packs of regular cigarettes at a fraction of the cost.


  • 6 Supreme E-Cig Cartomizers Each With Up To 500 Puffs (Equivalent to 12 packs of Cigarettes) Puff sizes Vary from person to person

Available Flavors

  • American Red Tobacco 24mg & 18mg Nicotine (Bold & Strong)
  • American Gold Tobacco 12mg Nicotine (Smooth & Light)
  • NewPart Green Menthol 24mg & 18mg Nicotine (Bold & Strong Menthol)
  • Vanilla 12mg Nicotine (Tastes Like Smooth Vanilla Pipe Tobacco)
  • Cappuccino 12mg Nicotine (It’s Like Vaping a “Star-brewed” Cappuccino)

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