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Wismec INDE DUO RDA Atomizer by Jaybo Designs


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The Wismec INDE DUO is another collaboration project with Jaybo, maker of the Reuleaux mod. This new RDA has two flavors for the price of one; a 22mm and a 30mm body tube section. The 30mm transforms the INDE DUO RDA into a Vortex airflow atomizer with an innovative x-shaped post design.
The positive center post is fastened with PEEK insulation for great thermoregulation, and has three posts, one in the center and one on each side. The negative posts are milled onto the deck and offer one lead hole each.

The INDE DUO was designed by Jaybo to be two RDA units in one. The 30mm size is interchangeable with a 22mm section, and both offer different vapes. The barrel airflow on the 22mm is vastly different than the top-airflow 30mm.

To get a good seal on the deck, Jaybo introduced and staggered two o-rings at the bottom of the deck, which help prevent leaking from the wick. The 30mm section is designed so that vapor travels between two glass sections, which takes nothing away from the flavor profile of your favorite juice.

The Positive post has two holes and is shaped like a Y, towering over dual negative posts. Airflow is adjusted via the top end on the 30mm section, with a unique clear chuff top with vortex airflow channels. The clear chuff top comes off to be used in the 22mm setting, which introduces airflow from the barrel instead of the top.

The INDE DUO gives you your money’s worth with two RDA for the price of one. Together with a robust build deck and multiple options for coils this one’s a winner.
Each Inde Duo includes one 30mm and one 22mm section, as well as a bag of replacement o-rings, grub screws and an Allen key. Designed in California. Imported.

Features include:
Jaybo designed
Wismec made
22mm or 30mm body tubes both included
Convenient Y-shaped positive post
Hardened grub screws to prevent stripping
30mm offers vortex top airflow
22mm offers direct barrel airflow
Brass-plated adjustable 510 pin